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Progress through coopertive learning,
our philosophy:
KoDenKan refers to a traditional method of teaching the martial arts, in which junior students learn from senior students, under the guidance of expert instructors. Students are not considered to actually have learned a technique until they show they can teach it to another student. This system of cooperative learning enables each student to progress at their own pace, while also building communications skills, self-confidence and the ability to take control and be responsible for the environment around them.

The originator (Shodai) of the DanZanRyu JuJitsu system (Prof. Henry S. Okazaki) believed that martial arts should teach community service, and that the premise of KoDenKan (the senior teaching the junior) was a viable ingredient of building and practicing leadership.

This teaching method is applied to all the classes taught. Beginners are always welcome. No previous experience in the martial arts is required, and the KoDenKan method of cooperative teaching allows students to begin at any time. Our techniques tend to minimize the importance of differences in size, age, and physical condition. Men and women train together on an equal basis. Our students represent a broad spectrum of age and athletic ability.


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