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Instruction in many systems backed by
many years of experience, wisdom, and training.
Each class at the KoDenKan Institute is taught by a black belt, qualified in hundreds of distinct jujitsu techniques. The lead instructor at the dojo responsible for the curriculum is Sifu Le, who has been studying martial art systems since 1969. Born in Vietnam he moved to the United States as a child. Sifu Le learned DanZanRyu Jujitsu under Professor Musselman, and subsequently succeeded him as head instructor at the KoDenKan Institute when he retired. Sifu Le also teaches his own mixed martial arts system, Ten Chi Do, which is based on his knowledge of multiple systems.

Sifu Le has learned several styles of gung fu—Tay Son Bach Hac Quyen, and for 12 years under David Louie he studied Yau Kung Moon Gung Fu, Wing Chun Gung Fu, and White Crane. He learned Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, and Kali styles under Sifu Bob Reish, Judo with Rushi Nishikawa, Geron BaHaLa Na Escrima with Dr. James Tobias, Tai Kwon Do under Tony Bueno, YoShinKan

Aikido from Christopher Reye, Shorinji Karate with Sam Chin, Mande Muda Silat under Pak Herman Suwanda, and Pekiti Tirsia Kali under Guro Loki Jorgensen. He has also studied Vo Tu Do, Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and Pencak Silat.

All instructors at the KoDenKan Institute are encouraged to study multiple martial art systems and such knowledge is a requirement for second degree black belts and above.


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